General FAQ

When is the best time for a shoot?

I love natural lighting, so early morning and a couple hours before sunset are the best times! I can make any time work but these times are preferred.

What if I lose my files?

We keep and back up all digital files.  Feel free to contact me to discuss replacement options!

Who has the rights to the images?

You have the rights to the images for personal use.  Marlee and Me Photography and Buffalo Big Print maintains the rights to use the images for promotional purposes.  I love seeing my images online – so feel free to share on Facebook or Instagram – but you must credit Marlee and Me Photography when you post.  

Will your watermark/logo be on my digital files?

I provide two versions of digital files to you, one with a logo and one without.  The files without logos are meant for personal use and printing.  If you post on social media, please use the version with a logo.  You must not crop or alter the edited image in any way.

What if the weather is bad for my shoot day?

We will reschedule at no extra charge.  Here in WNY we know how crazy the weather can be – and it’s hard to predict!  I’ll keep an eye on the forecast for the week ahead of the shoot date and we will keep in touch and make a decision the day before.

Where can the shoot take place?

If you have a favorite location or a special spot – I’m more than willing to go there!  I’ll usually do pet sessions right in your own backyard, simply because pets are more comfortable and there are usually less distractions.  Lifestyle sessions work best where we can get a large amount of space and a variety of backgrounds, so parks are my favorite for that!

How do I choose my images?

We can schedule a viewing session where you and I will go through what I think are the best images from your session.

Can I see all the images from the shoot?

Photographers take the time to weed out any test shots, soft focus or unflattering shots, so you get to see all of the best ones!

Can you help me choose a location?

Absolutely!  If you don’t have a preferred location, we will work together to find that perfect spot!

Pet Session FAQ

How do I prepare my pet for a session?

If your dog has basic training that will help, but it’s not necessary!  Practice “sit” and “stay” with them before the session.  If your dog needs to be on leash at a location it’s not a problem either. I can photoshop that out!

As for other pets – if you can train your cat, mouse, lizard or sheep to sit and stay I’ll be extremely impressed!!  Exercising your pet before the session is a good idea.  Tiring them out a little makes for a more relaxed shoot!

What kind of animals will you photograph?

Any animal!  I love them all – even snakes!  If you have a pet that might be aggressive, it’s important for me to know that ahead of time.  But we will work out all the details and make sure we have a great session.

What if my pet doesn't behave or is too shy?

I will spend as much time as needed to get the shot.  Some pets need time to warm up and get to know a stranger, and I don’t expect them all to do that in five minutes!  I won’t put them in front of a camera without getting to know them first.

What should I bring with me?

Definitely bring treats/food, water/bowl and their favorite toy!  And a leash of course!

Can I be in the photos with my pet?

Yes!  I love capturing the love between pet and their human!

Can my pet wear accessories?

Of course – as long as they allow it!  A jacket, bow tie or cute bandana make for adorable photos.

My pet is very sick/ill, can we get a session in quickly?

Yes.  I offer special “Golden Sessions” with preferred scheduling.  I will do all that I can to make sure I get those sessions in ASAP.

Lifestyle Session FAQ

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

How do I prepare my child for the session?

Make sure your child is well-rested, fed and ready to have a fun time!  Talk about the session as if they are going to play.

Are all the photos posed/staged?

While I do provide some guidance for posing, I love capturing candid moments throughout the session.  These make for some of the best and most personal photos. 

What should I bring?

If you have children, feel free to bring snacks, drink and a favorite toy.  Longer shoots can test their patience, so it’s fine to take small breaks here and there.  If you want any specific props – please bring those too!